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Welcome to the Denver Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Denver founded its own chapter on May 26, 1898.  Mrs. Mary Greene Montgomery Slocum, wife of Colorado College President William Slocum and president of the Colorado State Society, helped with the chartering of Denver's chapter.  The 1900-1901 yearbook lists 66 members; by 1901-1903, there were 90.  One of those early members was Elizabeth Fletcher Brown Lennon, a Real Daughter.

As the name suggests, a Real Daughter is an actual offspring of a Revolutionary War patriot.  Her father was Samuel Brown, a second lieutenant in the War.  Henry C. Brown, builder of the Brown Palace Hotel and donor of the land on which the state capitol stands, was Mrs. Lennon's brother.

To be eligible in the DAR:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Prove her linage and blood decent from an ancestor who fought or participated in the Revolution - Genealogy page
  • Must submit documentation of all events such as marriage, birth, death, and a copy of the applicant's birth certificate is required.

When you join the DAR, you are preserving your ancestor's memory and service forever.  Once you have done this, families later on can use your application as a starting point, saving possibly years of research.  DAR;s library in Washington, D.C., has a huge inventory of genealogy records - books - family trees - and so much more.  If you are interested in our organization, please contact Sandy Johansen our Registrar for lineage help.

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